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Peques School Facilities

At the ESCUELA INFANTIL PEQUE'S SCHOOL, for children ages ranging from 3 months to 3 years old, we have spacious facilities available, which are well-equipped, pleasant and safe.

Actually our schools are equipped with:

  • Spacious rooms, with different areas designated for the children to rest, feed, their hygiene and play.
  • We have safety measures available (doors, plugs, materials, emergency exits…) so the children may have fun in a safe environment.
  • We are fully attentive to cleanliness and disinfection both of the centre and the materials handled.
  • We have facilities designed so that each group has its own classroom for differentiated activities. All the rooms are air conditioned, equipped and adjusted to the specific ages of the children using them.
  • Both the external and internal courtyards have different amusement areas, organized so that the children may enjoy themselves and learn without danger and not having their movements limited. The school’s facilities encourage the physical and intellectual development of the children, based on the fact that a suitable environment favours and boosts this.


escuela infantil os pequerrechos escuela infantil os pequerrechos
escuela infantil os pequerrechos escuela infantil os pequerrechos
direccion pequesschol C/ Avda. de Betanzos, 78
(Esquina Fermín Caballero)
Barrio del Pilar
telefono pequesschool 912 309 245

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