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escuelas infantiles Coruña escuelas infantiles Coruña


Methodology in our center

escuela infantil bilingue en madridWe offer active and participative education at our infant schools. At ESCUELA INFANTIL PEQUE'S SCHOOL, our methodology is aimed at providing the children with basic knowledge for starting school and helping them to be capable of resolving and being independent in the main habits, such as hygiene, feeding and rest. For this we use worksheets, projects...

The parents are updated on their children’s development through weekly, quarterly and final reports and during daily talks with them.


escuela infantil bilingue en madrid

direccion pequesschol C/ Avda. de Betanzos, 78
(Esquina Fermín Caballero)
Barrio del Pilar
telefono pequesschool 912 309 245

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